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Our favorite tomato at the Wicked Good Farm

Cherokee Purple Tomato

The Cherokee Purple tomato, our favorite tomato, is a heirloom tomato is believed to have been cultivated by the Cherokee tribe in Tennessee over 100 years ago. Today it is a summer favorite at the Wicked Good Farm. When these fruits ripen they have green shoulders and a deep dark red body. They are not always the most attractive fruit, but please don’t judge them by appearance. Take one bite and you’ll know why they are our favorite. A perfect slicing tomato, they make the best summer sandwich, simply place a nice thick slice on a piece of toast with fresh basil, salt and pepper and enjoy. We also take our surplus, cook them down to sauce and freeze so we can enjoy the flavor of summer all winter long.

We will be offering individual plants for sale in mid-May. Please
or come to either the Kalispell or the Whitefish farmers markets in May to pick up your Cherokee Purple.