Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Shares

We are now accepting 2019 CSA subscriptions. 

New in 2019 – CSA pickups will be on Monday from 5:30- 7:00 at our place. We will not be offering Tueaday pickups at the Whitefish Farmers’ Market.

What is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm Share?

Our “CSA Farm Share” is a subscription (much like a magazine or Netflix subscription) for 20 weeks. You, the “Member ” purchase in advance (by April 1, 2019) a “Share” of our harvest. Then starting in mid-May the Member will come weekly to pickup your basket of produce.

First, it is important to understand that a CSA Farm Share is both an investment and a risk for the farmer and the member. Together we are sharing in the risks and rewards of farming. We have to understand that we are growing in the Flathead Valley, which has unpredictable weather (summer hail and frost, drought, fire) and an average of 120 frost free days. Other risks include: insect and disease pressures as well as soil fertility, which we mitigate using methods that comply with organic standards. If you ever have a question about our practices just ask!

By joining our CSA Farm Share, you are sharing in our weekly harvest. This is different then shopping at a health food store or even the Farmers Markets. Your weekly Share is comprised of fresh seasonal produce off of our Farm. A Farm Share is a wonderful opportunity to be reacquainted with the seasonality of food. By offering CSA Farm Shares, we aim to cultivate a healthy community with food as the foundation. Not only will you get to know us as your Farmers, we get to know you, our community.

What to expect in our CSA Farm Share?

We offer three CSA options: a Full Share, Half Share, and a Greens Share.

The Full Share: In the spring the full share are comprised mostly of greens, as they are quick growing. We do our best to offer a diversity of “greens” ranging from arugula, mustards, spinach, baby lettuce, tatsoi, kale, and chard. May also offers, rhubarb, radishes, bok choi, and spring onions. June brings beets, head lettuces, broccoli, garlic scrapes, cilantro, dill, peas, mature kale and chard, carrots, and mini onions. July and August are the peak of summer vegetables diversity! During these months the shares are filled with cucumbers, summer squash, carrots, broccoli, fresh garlic and onions, beets, basil, cherry and slicing tomatoe, new potatoes, peppers, romaine, iceberg, bibs oh my! September produces the harbingers of fall and winter; winter squash, storage potatoes and onions, carrots and beets, cured garlic, and the return of cooler season greens like spinach.

In addition to fresh produce, once a month our CSA Farm Share, includes stone milled organic flour. We source the whole grains (wheat, rye, spelt, kamut, and corn) from Montana Milling in Great Falls and mill it on our granite stone mill.

The Partial Share: will be similar to the full share in diversity only about 2/3 the quantity per week.

The Greens Share: Each week you will receive a pound of various seasonal greens. The greens you should expect throughout the season will include: arugula, beet greens, bok choy, various head lettuces, spicy greens, kale, chard and more.

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