The Farmers

The Wicked Good Farm is a diversified vegetable farm in Whitefish Montana. We offer CSA shares, attend the Whitefish Farmers Market, and provide several restaurants with produce.

Who we are?

The Wicked Good Farmers
Your Farmers

Two New Englanders that journeyed west, to Whitefish Montana in 2004. Once settled in we started urban farming. This has allowed us to grow fresh produce for our very immediate community. Additionally, we enjoy engaging with those walking by to hear stories, experiences and offer growing advice.

What’s an Urban farm?

Urban farming is just that, farming within a densely populated area. Actually, the idea and practice of producing food in an urban environment was popular during WWII, they were called Victory Gardens. The idea was to grow produce in your own yard to increase the national food supply. The Victory Garden concept was embraced by millions of Americans and it is estimated that by the spring of 1943 there were 18 million victory gardens in the USA, with 12 million being urban! 

Why are we Wicked?

Generations of Farming
Generations of Farming

Wicked, alludes to our New England heritage. Wicked, is a modifier, equivalent to “very”, only stronger. Back East it’s common to hear folks  say; “It’s wicked hot”, “the soil is wicked hahd”, and “it’s wicked good”.

Every Tuesday during the summer we bring, by means of our custom bike cart, wicked good produce to our community at the Downtown Whitefish Farmers’ Market.

Thanks for picking us and supporting your local agricultural community.